Profile Of Bryony

  • I'm a female
  • I'm 34 Y/O
  • I want to meet a man in (join us to find out)
  • Body type: Athletic
  • Hair color: Black
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian.

I am a sensual, passionate woman who has had fantasies about other women all my life. Except for one wonderful kiss, I've never taken any action on those fantasies, but I really hope that NOW is the time. In terms of personality, I am open-minded, honest and straightforward, and warmly thoughtful of others. I work in a conservative professional field and enjoy the fact that almost everyone I know would be shocked by what exsists beneath my surface! I am married and my husband is supportive of my desire to explore this facet of myself. Although this experience won't be a “secret” on my end, I understand the need for discresion and can be trusted to be discrete if necessary.

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